About Us

PD House Inc started in New York in 2015 in response to a shortage in custom solutions for integrating mobile technology with backend legacy systems.


The Security Division has a rich heritage in developing market-leading software for enterprises, and a strong conviction that a cloud-native, “all-in-one” next-gen SIEM was essential to delivering an effective and valuable SOC service, PD House Security has invested heavily in developing a unique, robust and data science-driven, modern SaaS platform.


Vision. Expertise. Execution.


The PD House leadership team has a deep, shared history of architecting and developing enterprise-grade security software and SaaS solutions, and of bringing them to market through direct sales teams, channel partners and strategic alliances, around the globe.


The team has the vision, expertise and execution skills required to support customers and partners that expect the best, and to make PD House a leading player in the rapidly growing market for advanced managed security services.